Underground Railroad Route Maps

Here is an map showing the route of the Underground Railroad through Indiana. Of note, Russiaville is listed along the route as Russia V. While New London was probably more active in the Underground Railroad than Russiaville, due to the influence of the Quakers from the New London Friends Church, Russiaville was the larger town and so made it onto the map.

This image was published in "The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom," in 1899, copyright 1898.
The caption of this map, as published in the book, says " Routes through Indiana and Michigan in 1848. As traced by Lewis Falley."
Image courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Collection.

Route map of the Underground Railroad through Indiana.

Link to other images and pages from "The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom," in the NYPL Digital Collection.

Here is a link to a site containing a larger map, showing the U.S. Underground Railroad Routes in 1860.
Routes in 1860.

An interactive map, showing where Underground Railroad markers have been placed in Indiana.From the Indiana Historical Bureau.
Map: Indiana Underground Railroad Markers

Here is an interactive page from the African Diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean (IRADAC). Just click on "Routes" and learn about the Secret Routs to Freedom.

NPS.gov offers another interactive map of Aboard the Underground Railroad. Just click on each state to find out where some stations were located.

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